HealthyGut Pro & HealthyGut Pro II

These winning blends of herbs are gentle, natural and affordable and work very quickly to help maintain a HealthyGut.

They help maintain the balance of naturally occurring juices as well as supporting the systems which are closely related to the digestive process.

And because they are made up only of herbs they can help maintain your horse’s health in other ways too!

Plus, they are very palatable - horses seem to have a ‘gut feeling’ that they need them! Just one scoop a day is needed, preferably in the evening feed. It can be mixed into a paste with water to syringe to foals - after weaning especially.

Price - theses herbs are so affordable!

Numerous testimonials have suggested that HealthyGut Pro helps to maintain optimal health in the whole of the gastrointestinal tract.

We know our own horses better than anyone and can only go by what our horses tell us through observation of their body language and physiology, and to see the change in expression and the well-being serves to prove how well these herbs really work to help maintain a HealthyGut.

We recommend giving one tub of HealthyGut Pro (around 4 weeks) followed by a maintenance ration of HealthyGut Pro II to help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract..

...or, if your horse is by nature pretty calm and is living a fairly natural regime, give just one tub of HealthyGut Pro and then keep a spare tub of HealthyGut Pro handy to give for a few days at times of potential stress - such as travelling, fireworks, storms etc to help maintain a HealthyGut...

...or some particularly sensitive horses or those in a particularly pressured or stressful regime may need to stay on a daily measure of HealthyGut Pro to help maintain a HealthyGut.

The combination of herbs used are: Bilberry, Cascara, Chamomile, Golden Seal, Guto Kola, Kelp, Liquorice, Marshmallow, Pau D’Arco, Plantain, Rosehip, Shepherds Purse, Slippery Elm, Turmeric